Restring Your Vintage Dolls with
Easy-to-Follow Instructions!

Many vintage dolls were originally strung with thick rubber bands. Over time, these rubber bands deteriorate and break. Most dolls eventually need to be restrung.

Unfortunately, having your dolls professionally strung can cost $10 or more per doll. For a collector, this can amount to a significant expense.

Restringing a doll is not difficult, but it does require that you know what you are doing. Your dolls are treasured childhood memories and valuable collectibles, not test subjects.

What Makes How to Restring a Strung Doll Different?

There are many "doll stringing kits" for sale on eBay, but often the only instructions they come with are hand-drawn, photocopied sketches of how the finished stringing should look. Simple stringing instructions can also be found online.

If you are unsure of what you are doing, these instructions just aren't enough! My ebook provides detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to string your doll. The instructions are illustrated with photographs from an actual restringing, so you'll know you're doing it right.

How to Restring a Strung Doll will teach you stringing techniques that can be used on all strung dolls, including:

American Character Sweet Sue
Arranbee (R&B) Nancy Lee and Nanette
Effanbee (F&B) Honey
Madame Alexander Margaret and Maggie
Mary Hoyer
Nancy Ann Muffie and Style Show
Vogue Ginny
Unmarked and Made in USA dolls
Composition dolls
Hard plastic dolls
And many others!

Because the ebook is an electronic file, you will be able to download How to Restring a Strung Doll immediately after purchase — no waiting required! Simply allow PayPal to redirect you back to the website after you have completed the transaction, and you will be given instructions for downloading your ebook.

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